Content Management Systems

Information comes in a many forms, not just electronic data. Information may be stored on paper, on tape, as sound files and other files. A complete Information Management Strategy requires that all such content be managed as well as digital data.

Managing Documents and other content may be done through the use of a Content Register an Electronic Content Management System. The system best suited to your company depends of the amount of content created and the usage of the content as well as the existing systems used. There are a number of CMS solutions available, some are more functional enough, and others may be too expensive. Either way OneView can help you understand your Content Management needs and devise an appropriate strategy.

Small and Medium Business
Traditionally CMS systems were only available to large companies that had massive paper storage requirements such as banks. This is no longer true as most companies now use email and few have proper management over this type of information. To be productive SMEs must do more business with less staff while still being aware of their legal responsibilities, such as privacy law. The introduction of systems such as Microsoft Share Point and Alfresco have put CMS capabilities with everyone's reach. These systems significantly lower the total cost of ownership for fully functional Content Management.

Web Content Management
An additional benefit of having content electronically managed is that web content, such as web pages, can be managed in the same system, and that all your managed content can be made available to the web without complex publishing or manual processes. If you believe Web Content Management suits your needs OneView can help with more then a decade Internet Marketing experience.

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