Portals provide a view to your existing systems. Internet and Intranet sites expand beyond being static containers of information and become tools that can support internal and external users alike.

Information Portal

Provide your users with current information on your company. Provide a level of personalization for your customers by allowing them to login to a personal page to access information specific to them while being able to collaborate with your sales and services people.

Application Portal

Part of improving business processes is often removing the requirement for users to swap between application to do their normal work. Having a single application allows users to work more efficiently and prevents paste/re-entry issues. An application portal can provide a simple single interface without having to change your legacy systems. Do you still use Mainframe/AS400 like systems? Can't find a cost effective replacement to your existing systems? An application portal may be just the solution you are looking for and we have the people and experience to make it happen.

Collaboration Portal

Collaboration Portals provide users with tools to be more productive from remote meeting tools to project management.  The hidden advantage of colloboration is that in using these tools the information is captured by systems and can be managed without any additional work by users. 

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