Web Marketing

What gives your company the best web presents? Speed of access? Flash animation? Functionality? The reality is that the most successful sites (the ones people come back to) are those with good information and functionality that is easy to find and use.

Content Rich Sites

The more information on your site, the more reason for visitors to return. Enrich your content by using database capabilities and linking to content within your CMS. This will reduce your administration and development

Function Rich Sites

Calculators and other tools can give your site an edge over your competitors and increase the number of return visitors. Interactive catalogues are more effective then a PDF file especially where pricing varies based on a customers options. Use of simple server side technology can make these functions easy and inexpensive to build.

e-Commerce Sites

Let your web site do more then attract new business, let it capture it as well. An online shop can give you sales with a much lower overhead and can be used exclusively or in addition to existing sales channels. For small volume or high cost items you may choose to call back customers, or generate an automatic invoice, where as for large volume sites you can link to your business bank to automatically process credit card, paypal, or other online payments and generate a dispatch report for the morning. e-Commerce can be a lot cheaper then you may think. Contact Us for a chat about what we can do to help.

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