Workflow is another system that many companies believe is for larger companies or manufactures and cannot be cost effective. This is true where benefits are expected from faster processing but workflow can be used for more then process automation.

Process Tracking
The simplest use of workflow is to track processes that are time critical, that have compliance need or as pass between departments especially where those departments are external. Users can know where processes are up to and to be alerted when processes are delayed.

Process Automation
Process Automation is thought of as being used to reduce simple and repetitive tasks but this is rarely the main benefit. Automated processing can be used to manage tasks especially where parallel processing is involved between multiple systems and suppliers.

Orchestration Service
Workflow can be used to control the flow and processing of information between systems, especially where a Service Oriented Architecture has been implemented. These services can support business rules and complex processing that can support and expand legacy systems and provide a platform for future expansion.



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